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A conceptual project for the Vermont Museum of Art; an interactive website for patrons to explore art history and the context of the museum collections.

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Sole designer and developer


Students that want to learn more about the history behind the art that is being displayed at the Vermont Museum of Art.


September 2021


I was the sole designer and developer of this project. I Designed it in Figma and built it with Weblfow.


In this conceptual project, the Vermont Museum of art wanted to contextualize their art collection for viewers. The main challenge was to come up with a user flow that allows users to explore art movements and individual artworks in an intuitive and delight way that expands their understanding. My intention was to answer the question:

How can we contextualize art for students in a fun an interactive way?


Storyboards are useful tool tool early in the design process to help understand the user's needs. Developing a character, scenario, plot and a narrative made it easier to focus on the user needs, their context, and why the product will be useful to the user.

User Flow

Visual Identity


The challenge was to find the art direction that matched the artwork on display. I selected the general atmosphere, colors, and typography that fit with the background artwork, a baroque still life of a vase.


Landing page above the fold

The user's first choice is which art art movement to browse through. The art museum has three main collections.

The art movement page, where users are given a description of the selected collection

Art Collection

When an art collection is selected, the user is directed to the art movement page, where they are given a description of the collection. Below the description is a visual timeline of every artwork on display from that collection. The user scrolls horizontally through the collection until they find an artwork that they want to learn more about. When clicked, the user is directed to the artwork's page, where they find more information about the work.

A visual timeline of every artwork on display from the selected collection


The horizontally scrolling timeline was my favorite feature in this project. The challenge was to visualize the art collection chronologically in an interteractive way.

The process of designing the artwork timeline was as much a technical exercise as it was a design exercise. I ended up spending a lot of time figuring out how to scroll horizontally through a CMS collection with an undefined amount items.

The artwork page, where they find more information about the selected work

Lessons Learned


This was a great project for understanding in the UX process from user research to website implementation.