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A conceptual eCommerce App for minimalist home goods.

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Create an architecture resource database to help users find new and unexpected tools for growth.


ArchiResouce was a personal project that I designed and developed myself.


Architecture students and professionals who are looking for new design resources.

My Role

User Research
Visual Design
Web Development
Implementation in Webflow


User Interviews in Google Docs
Affinity Mapping in Miro
Wireframing in Sketch and Figma
Prototyping in Figma
Visual Design in Figma
Implementation in Webflow


Successfully built a web app with hundreds of weekly users that was optimized based on user feedback.


I was the sole designer and developer of this project. I Designed it in Figma and built it with Weblfow.


As a former architecture student, I remember struggling to find the right tutorial or application while pulling an all-nighter. I thought there has to be a way to alleviate this paintpoint.


A hand-picked database of resources so you can focus on what really matters. I've created a database to discover the best tools, methodologies, plugins, and tutorials


The aesthetic decisions for the app were largely subconscious, but I feel that a large part of the inspiration for this app was from Virgil Abloh's streetwear. I think all designer would benefit from looking outside of their discipline for inspiration.

I usually create a messy artboard in figma to start generating ideas about color palette, fonts, mood, etc.. I also took screenshots of several ecommerce/fashion apps, to study their ideas and design solutions.

Virgil Abloh's sneaker reconstructions immediately came to mind when thinking about what a minimalist home good ecommerce app would look like.

wireframe of archiresource
wireframe of archiresource

Lofi Wireframing

After carefully researching many homegoods and fashion ecommerce apps, I formed a user flow diagram that outlines how users would likely navigate through the app. This also highlighted what pages I needed to create for the prototype.

wireframe of archiresource


A high-fidelity prototype was generated from the wireframes and I created a prototype in Figma.


This was a great project for understanding in the mobile UX/UI implimentation in Figma.

My favorite part of designing this app was developing an aesthetic and brand that to reflect the stores minimalist products.